Monday Oct 09, 2023

A Force for Change and Advocacy

You've most likely come across the idea that intentional change requires a proactive approach to achieve your goals. In this episode, our host John Rebecchi (M.B.A. ’83), Ph.D. is joined by special guest Ron Goldberg. Ron Goldberg is a Director of Digital Communications at New York Tech, and an author of Boy with the Bullhorn capturing the historical movement of ACT UP's New York chapter, a community-based political organization dedicated to putting an end to the AIDS pandemic.

Although Ron’s goal was to purse an acting career, he pivoted into an influential activist which lead to his success as an award-winning author. Ron will share how he amplifies his voice as a catalyst for change and uniting people for a cause that matters. We'll also learn about the significance of intentional change, authenticity, and staying engaged with the present.

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