Monday Feb 14, 2022

Gaming, Metaverse and Beyond

There's a lot of buzz around the topic of the Metaverse within the recent months. Despite the current enthusiasm, many questions remain. This week, we are joined by Viranda Tantula, and Michael Polier, co-founders of Potion Projects. Potion Projects is a consulting firm helping brands, esports, artists and entrepreneurs develop strategies to engage users in the new environment of the metaverse and emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, web3.0, and NFTs.

We’ll discuss how the metaverse interconnects with the real world, and what role might cryptocurrency play in future economic model. Viranda and Michael will share their strategies for brands to market themselves in a multidimensional future and valuable insights for entrepreneurs venturing into virtual space.

Get in touch with Viranda Tantula on LinkedIn, Twitter and Clubhouse. You can also get in touch with Michael Polier on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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