Monday May 06, 2024

Reimagining Data Analytics with AI

What experiences do CEOs face when attempting to secure funds for groundbreaking AI products? For our final episode of season 8, host John Rebecchi (M.B.A. ’83), Ph.D., sat down with Sarah Nagy, CEO of Seek Ai. Seek Ai simplifies data access for businesses with an AI-powered platform, increasing productivity by automating coding tasks across organizations.

Nagy began her career at ITG as a Quant, specializing in algorithmic trading strategies. She then directed enterprise data product development at two startups, Edison and Predata, both of which achieved successful exits. Nagy then led the consumer data team at Citadel's Ashler Capital before launching Seek Ai in 2021.

In this episode, Nagy will share her experiences working as a Quant and in AI startups, particularly focusing on using AI for data analysis in large organizations. We will explore successful pitches to investors and the essential criteria they prioritize when evaluating AI-focused startups. Nagy will also provide firsthand insights into her transition to CEO and the strategies involved in scaling a startup.

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