Monday Dec 04, 2023

How to Thrive in College, Navigate Change, Success, and Resilience

In this episode, our host John Rebecchi (M.B.A. ’83), Ph.D. is joined by Tiffani L. Hinds, M.S., M.ED., a first-generation college student from Harlem, NY. Now Associate Provost, Student Engagement & Development at New York Tech where she collaborates with faculty, deans and student affairs leaders to enrich the student experience through impactful programs and resources.

Hinds will share insights on New York Tech’s effort in cultivating a dynamic environment, immersing students in diverse experiences that foster leadership skills, including adaptability, critical thinking, and resilience. We’ll uncover effective strategies for navigating obstacles that come with intentional change and organic transformations. Additionally, we will explore opportunities for personal growth beyond academic achievements and the importance of active involvement in college activities, volunteering, and pursuing leadership roles.

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